Saturday, August 26, 2017

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette!

Omg! I really want this palette! It's so gorgeous!! Sejak Huda tunjuk palette ni, terus terpikat!

TAPI kannn... how pathetic, the counterfeit/FAKE Desert dusk palettes are already out! The original palettes are not released yet! It will be out on September 18, 2017.  Huda Kattan worked really hard on this palette 😕 I watched her insta story. Some of the colours, she made it by herself and some, they worked in team.

You bayangkanlah, kita penat-penat buat kerja. Then orang lain dah curi kerja kita. Contoh kita buat thesis, then classmate kita tiru bulat-bulat kerja tu. Magad. sakitnya hati :(


Harga ni murah je: RM 30-35 

Gosh, baik beli drugstore daripada beli yang fake. 



Price: USD 65, GBP 56, EUR 64.95, AUD 95, AED 250. 
(RM 290-RM300+)

Well, it's up to you to buy fake or original. But if myself, I would prefer drugstore products if I can't afford to buy high-end make up. Fake products are usually unsafe to use. Nak baca effect guna fake make up ni, boleh click sini

There are numerous reports online about consumers unknowingly buying and using counterfeit eye makeup only to experience eye pain moments after applying the stuff. Daily Mail gives a report about one woman, Katie Brown, who purchased counterfeit Urban Decay eye shadow. Minutes after she applied the eyeshadow, her eyelids swelled and her vision turned blurry. She said, “I realised it was fake as soon as I opened it.” If you suspect something is not the real deal, do not risk testing it out on your skin. 

Tengok cara buat ni. Ngeri jek. 

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